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Our World: Origin and Tradition- Authenticity since 1862

For generations, Lustenberger + Dürst SA and its trademark LeSUPERBE, represent the concept of true Swiss cheese. They have contributed considerably to the excellent image of Swiss cheese throughout the world.

Cheeses of Lustenberger + Dürst guarantee high quality and naturalness. The unique combination of origin, tradition, emotion and authenticity complement modern healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

The Taste's Origin
Since 1862, the house Lustenberger + Dürst has devoted itself to the pure culture of quality cheese from Switzerland. With its long lasting tradition, it's one of the most historic companies within its field in Switzerland and since its foundation has constantly continued improving what is already fine.

The unique landscape of the Langrüti in Hünenberg, in Switzerland's geographic centre, is the place where the family business Lustenberger + Durst has been established for generations. Its headquarters merge perfectly in the picturesque surroundings. In the characteristic cheese-cellars of the Langrüti, space is given over to the cheese and to time. Thousands of cheese "wheels" are cared for in the silence of our cellars emerged in an atmosphere of absolute peace. Only when the cheese has reached the perfect maturation level, will the master cheese maker release it from its place of rest.

Naturally with Passion
The success of Lustenberger + Dürst is due to a perfect combination of origin, nature, tradition and innovation. Through the transformation process, from local fresh milk to cheese, our local dairies employ tried and trusted old recipes handed down in time from one generation to another. By using no artificial remedies or ingredients, an exclusive artisanal cheese is created. A guarantee for a maximum of naturalness and authenticity!

Innovation out of Tradition
Bringing together the master cheese maker's skill and the fresh, rich, local Swiss milk, a unique cheese is created. The secret knowledge of the maturation processes only adds to the perfection of the completed cheese.

Besides the traditional Swiss AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) Cheeses the variety and assortment is constantly refined. Our mission is to develop ideas, products and specialties to enrich our product range, respecting the ancient production standards and the culture of tradition. Through additional innovation modern consumer needs are met both in terms of size and packaging.

Our strongly felt passion gives us the enthusiasm to improve every day in respect of quality and creativity. Our motivation gives us energy to explore our commitment to long-established tradition. By doing so, many new products have emerged, such as the award-wining Raclette LeSUPERBE, and the "Jura Montagne", "Fior delle Alpi" and "Bärgblüemli - Alpine Flower" products made from Swiss mountain milk, not to mention the refined "Diabolo-Gourmet", the mild "Sännächäs - Alpine Dairyman's" and the soft creamy "Saint Christoph" produced from milk of the valleys and planes.

Authentic to the Future
We are surrounded by a magnificent natural environment that provides us with high-quality Swiss milk. The preserved traditional skill of our master cheese makers, the secrets of cheese-aging, the virtue of the herb and mountain flower mixtures as well as the broad choice of high quality cheeses, makes Lustenberger + Dürst SA one of the most respected cheese-houses in Switzerland. - A natural and genuine pleasure; healthy and sustainable.

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